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Located along the Elk River, in the middle of the mountains lies the Twisting Falls. 

These falls create perfect photogenic views, refreshing mist & a relaxing environment. 

You can enjoy all these elements once you make it down the adventurous hike. 

This hike is difficult and dangerous due to the steep decline and very rugged terrain however, it is worth the 0.9 mile hike down the slope to find the roaring waterfalls twisting through the mountains!  

Ropes are placed throughout the trek down the mountain to help you along the steep hike. I want to say dog friendly, but truly if your dog doesn't do well off-leash, climbing, or likes water, they will be miserable or can get severely hurt. Nova, my German Shepard Husky did okay but she almost got injured a couple of times on the slippery rocks and needed to be assisted here and there. I fell on my butt a handful of times as well, but no big deal haha! This is a beautiful place for anyone who can handle themselves. 

Just take it slow and be careful it is a grand time!

Bring a snack/sandwiches, you will be hungry after swimming, and playing in the sun and water, you will need the energy for the strenuous hike back up the peak! 

This waterfall can be visited any time of the year but be aware that rain & Ice will make this trail extremely dangerous, the rocks are already slippery when dry. 

Things to know:

- Wear shoes with good traction.

- Small Parking area. 

- The trail is a steep 0.9-mile hike straight down

- Off-leash dogs that love water & climbing will be okay. 

- Kids that can handle themselves can make it.  

- Not for people out of shape. I don’t mean this in a mean way but you will end up stuck and may not have any cell service.


  • I highly recommend 4x4 vehicles to get to the parking lot.

  • Water Shoes.

  • Waterproof Backpack.

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